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Here is the current queue. Email me with questions about time estimates. Thanks again to my small, twisted and loyal following. As always, if I have your money and you want it back, please let me know and I'll send it to you. Thanks for stopping by and thanks your patience.

Good news and bad news. The good news is that all my Pennsic bits are cleaned, repaired and stored and that repairs are done. Bad news is that the earthquake that did so much damage in Napa Valley did a number to the warehouse of one of my suppliers so I'm waiting on leather. I've prepared my list here but lack of material will slow me down a bit. Thanks.

Jennifer D - Knee high (Uppers assembled)

Katie B - Short Reverse Fold (Uppers assembled)

Jeff G - Double Viking (Uppers assembled)

Deborah K - Single Viking (Uppers assembled)

Stephen D - Latchet (Uppers assembled)

Jonathan F - Extended toe (cut, soaking)

Harrison F - 1415 (cut, soaking)

Patty Ellison - Saxon shoe (cut, soaking)

Michael P - Double Viking

Laura B - Spats

Dwain C - 1415

Donna C - Cow mouth

James B - Plantation

Jordana S - Simple round toe

Virginia W - Double Viking

Nancy E - Single Viking

G Willie A - 1415

J A - Double Viking

Kristina L - Hybrid Latchet

Rita K - Turnshoe

Randall B - Hybrid Latchet