Work Queue

Here is the current queue. Email me with questions about time estimates. Thanks again to my small, twisted and loyal following. As always, if I have your money and you want it back, please let me know and I'll send it to you. I recently had my dayjob put me through some serious hoops that pushed me into an accelerated graduate school classload. That is over so I am returning to attacking my queue. My delivery estimates are way off. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. (updated 6.13.18)

Scott K - Single Viking (lasted)

Jean P - Single Viking (lasted)

Clint D - 1415 (x2) (lasted)

Deb H - Early (lasted)

Kristi R - Polish (lasted)

Charles B - Double Viking (lasted)

Andrew S - 1415 (lasted)

Leslie C - SRT (lasted)

Paul C - Double Viking (cut)

Jamie P - Extended Toe (lasted)

Nadine C - Slit and Lace Turn (cut)

Penn D - Ankle High (lasted)

Ed R - Norman (lasted)

Kelly O - Double Viking

Jason W - 1415

Tom C - Single Viking

Jacob S - #99

Karen F - Single Viking

Kathleen T - Persian

Linda B - Single Viking

Jim L - Polish

Anne K - Hedeby

Jack A - ? (contact me)

Bonnie S - Polish

Tanya S - SPT

Matt S - 1415

Tamara B - Hybrid Latchet

Terise J - Single Viking

Joseph C - Anime (contact me)