Work Queue

Here is the current queue. Email me with questions about time estimates. Thanks again to my small, twisted and loyal following. As always, if I have your money and you want it back, please let me know and I'll send it to you. Thanks for stopping by and thanks your patience. (updated 4.23.17)

Kevin T - Double Viking (sewn)

Matt S - 1415 (sewn)

Elizabeth C - SRT (soaking)

Carter W - Ankle High (soaking)

Scott W - Knee High (soaking)

Jeremy V - Single Vikin (soaking)

George C - Double V (cut)

Tom H - 1200 (cut)

Elizabeth B - Hybrid Latchet (cut)

Jennifer B - SRT (cut)

Katie B - Cowmouth

Daniel R - Hedeby

Joseph C - Knee High

Susan S - Hybrid Latchet

Sean H - Hybrid Latchet

Maria H - Knee High