Plantation Shoe - $250.00

All costume reconstruction footwear is now EH Line

Leather or rubber sole, your choice

I've done some shoes for an East Coast living history site and these are the result. These are made with a combination of techniques to arrive at a good looking shoe that is most appropriate for the 16th and 17th century. The side seams, blind stitched heel stiffener and butted seam up the back are hand stitched while the sole is EH Line (Just Hit It!). The heel is pegged on if you opt for leather soles. This shoe is available with open or closed sides (same price) and with leather or rubber soles (same price). It has a heel that is approximately 3/4" high and includes a steel shank for support. E-mail me if you would like any changes to details like vamp openings or tongue shape and size. All footwear is made in America in my shop.

Open Plantation

Closed Plantation

Blind Stitched Heel Stiffener3/4" heel

Hand Stitched Rear SeamPegged heel (leather soles only)

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